At Apnea & Breathing Clinic, Dr. Bennett and Dr. Bieneman will review the mechanisms of snoring and sleep apnea, dentition, TMJ and, if indicated, choose the proper oral appliance design. They will also review the limitations, benefits, and reasonable expectations of using a mandibular repositioning device. We pride ourselves in working with your treating physician(s) throughout your Oral Appliance Therapy.

Sleep. Dream. Thrive.
The easiest way to prevent these serious medical conditions and get quality sleep is to treat your sleep breathing disorder. Dental appliance therapy might be a good treatment option for you! A dental appliance is custom made to position your jaw slightly forward, obtaining an open airway while you sleep. Allow Apnea & Breathing Clinic specialists to fit you with the perfect dental appliance to treat your apnea.

Easy. Comfortable. Effective.

Oral Appliance Standard Protocol:

1. Diagnosis by a Physician
2. Presence or absence of Obstructive Sleep Apnea determined by an overnight sleep study, followed by CPAP trial
3. Selection and Fitting of oral appliance by a Dentist
4. Follow up sleep study to adjust oral appliance and determine efficacy
5. Long term follow up with the treating physician and dentist (6 month recall)

Common use for Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT):

• Preferred Daily Treatment for OSA
• For Travel-Use Only
• Combination Therapy – CPAP & dental device
• Snoring
• Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome


The next generation of digital sleep apnea devices that utilizes the latest 3D printing technology to provide patients with:
Smallest, least invasive and strongest device on the market.
Flexible and resistant to severe bruxing.


Comfortable Profile: The only OSA device made from control-cured PMMA, MicrO2 is compact without compromising durability or retention.
Easy Adjustment: Featuring an adjustment method similar to changing aligners, MicrO2 has a one-piece construction with no moving parts.

Oravan Herbst: Oravan Herbst is FDA cleared and PDAC MEDICARE APPROVED.

The upper and lower pieces are connected with Herbst telescopic hardware, allowing for easy lateral and vertical movement.
This is often beneficial for those patients that brux or grind their teeth while sleeping.

EMA: Myerson increases airway space by advancing the mandible using interchangeable elastic straps.

EMA elastic straps come in 9 different lengths, and 4 different strengths.
Non-restricted lateral/protrusive movement and improved movements of the jaw are possible while wearing the device due to varying elastic bands.